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Global Blog Campaign – The 7 Links Project

By , August 8, 2011 4:04 am

I think this is an absolutely brilliant idea!!

I was invited by a fellow 2011 Singapore Blog Award winner (Best Lifestyle Blog), Bing, from to take part in a global campaign known as ‘The 7 Links Blog Project’.

The idea, is that bloggers from all over the world list out seven of their top articles in a variety of categories (this is not actually that easy when there are literally hundreds of posts for me to choose from, and everything I write is usually inspired by an emotion or passion at a particular point of time – so how to pick just seven best ones?… Check out my selection and perhaps decide if you agree with me). The project continues by each blogger who has been invited, forwarding the request to three more bloggers to keep the campaign going (once again, out of all of my blogger friends and mates – how to pick just three?)

Anyway, a huge thanks to Bing for the invite and the very lovely words she wrote on her Top 7 Article!!

Without ado, here are my seven entries for this project:

My Most Beautiful Post

OK – so how to define ‘beautiful’? I guess the term is very subjective, and for me, the most beautiful thing in my life is my family… therefore, I have to break the rules (already) and enter three articles in this category – one each for Jaime and Casey and one for my beautiful wife, Sammi.

The one for Jaime was just a short while back – the cuteness overload saw the Singapore national Chinese newspaper Lianhe Wanbao view the YouTube Video and subsequently interview me for a large print article that appeared about a ‘4-year old mixed kid Internet superstar’… how very proud was I??

The article (click to view), was titled, “WTH!? Huge Amounts Of Cuteness Overload – 郑家洋”


The article for Casey was (of course) the miracle that was his childbirth (on the same date as my dear departed Dad). Click here to view “Miracle of Life – Casey Zheng Jiakai!!”


Finally – the love of my life (aaawwww!), Sammi… I’ve obviously written numerous articles about the joys of our inter-cultural marriage, so it’s difficult to choose, but I decided on this one (Valentine’s Day last year – which won a prize from Reebonz)… I chose it specifically because it has our wedding video (short version) embedded. Click here to share with us and enjoy our wedding! – “Sharing The Love For Valentine’s Day”


My Most Popular Post

If ‘popularity’ for this 7-Links project is based on unique visitors and ‘hits’, then without a doubt the winner in this category, is an article I wrote a couple of years back, after much research on the oft-discussed language that is unique to Singaporeans and actually (I believe) culturally significant and something that all locals should be proud of – SINGLISH!

The article was entitled, “SINGLISH – A Language Guide for Foreigners”… Click here to read it.


My Most Controversial Post

The most ‘controversial’ is once again a bit subjective, given that I’m going now just on the sheer number of emails I received (and still receive) on this article that I also wrote a couple of years back… it was really a ‘test’ at the time to see what the feedback of readers would be, and is not a topic that I would probably broach on my blog these days – I think my writings and musings here at ‘Aussie Pete’ were perhaps much more controversial back in those days as I was learning to feel my feet in a new country.

This title of the post speaks for itself – click to read – “‘Ang Mo’ in Singapore and ‘Lao Wai’ or ‘Gweilo’ in China – Offensive to Westerners?”


My Most Helpful Post

This one is easy – without a doubt, the article that I wrote outlining our experiences and the processes that a PR (permanent resident) in Singapore needs to go through to purchase a resale HDB apartment in Singapore… it was also picked up (with my permission) and used as a 5-part series at both one of the popular online real estate companies in Singapore, along with Yahoo News – if I counted all the comments and traffic driven around the blogosphere by these ‘rewrites’, I could also say that this article was the most popular AND (for various reasons) the most controversial.

(NB: Due to changes in rules and regulations, some of the information may be a little outdated)

Click here for “Information For PRs – How To Buy A Resale HDB Apartment In Singapore”


My Most Surprisingly Successful Post

Obviously over the last few years, the content of my blog has ‘morphed’ a bit into what is now known as ‘WTH’ (What The Hell) – I say ‘obviously’, because I have won the award for the best WTH blog in Singapore for the last two years at the OMY Singapore Blog Awards.

The fallout from this, is that now and then I write posts that may be considered by many (including myself) as downright crazy and even disgusting. One such article received huge amounts of (search generated) traffic and is perhaps a good example of how the digusting and perverted can be of interest to thousands of ordinary people.

Click to read about the “Sick Chinese Video Craze – Pretty Girls Crushing Bunnies (Warning: Graphic)”


My Most Under-Rated Post

Once again, I’m selecting one of my older articles for this… I wrote this one just a few weeks after we bought our car, and I was very alarmed at the speed of motorists in car parks. Two years later, I still feel very strongly about this, and would love to see this post get more exposure to create awareness.

Car Parks – Slow Down or Kill Someone – Click to read about it!


Post I Am Most Proud Of

So perhaps the actual article link here is not the only one I’m proud of (although it was an awesome experience meeting such an inspiration as Lee Hsien Loong (PM of Singapore)… in general the post is a reflection of the pride and self-satisfaction that I feel from volunteering as a Grassroots leader. To be able to help out in the community in such a variety of ways is extremely gratifying, as well as enabling my family and me to reach out and meet so many wonderful new friends and neighbours in Sengkang West – OUR HOME!!

Click here to read about “The Day I Met The Prime Minister of Singapore”


Finally, it’s time to pass the baton on – so the three bloggers who I will invite to participate in the ‘7 Links Blog Project’ are (in no particular order):


“Alvinology is a light-hearted blog maintained by a regular Singaporean dude called Alvin who lives in Potong Pasir.

Like most Singaporeans, Alvin likes to travel and eat. Hence a large number of blog posts are devoted to these two topics. He also likes to read books, watch movies, check out the funny as well as chee ko pek issues online”


“Once told that it was his destiny to wander through life, the Wondering Wanderer takes a wide eyed view of life’s wanderings through the eyes of the child that he was and blogs about the many things that has captured his imagination through life’s journey.”


“Since moving back to Singapore in 2010 from New Zealand after being deemed “too tall” to play a hobbit (while “too small” for anything else), Kirsten has been working on documentary and film projects.

Kirsten recently won the ‘Best Y Bloggist’ award in the ingapore Blog Awards 2011, and is on far too many social media platforms for her own good”

Survival Guide To Wedding Anniversaries (For Men)

By , July 21, 2010 12:26 am

Today was very special for a number of reasons – not only did my wife and I celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary, but I came out of it smelling like roses and should have earned myself enough brownie points to last until our next anniversary (which also happens to be this year – I was married in Shanghai, China, where the registration is often done some months in advance of the formal ceremony… resulting in two wedding anniversaries every year).

Let me explain – I’ve learned over time that the wedding anniversary is just as (if not more) important to one’s wife than her birthday, Christmas day or any other gift-giving celebration time.

So to all the other married guys out there reading my blog, I want to share my experiences and offer to you Aussie Pete’s “Survival Guide for Wedding Anniversaries (For Men)”. All it takes is to follow three very simple guidelines to achieve eternal success and happiness:

This may seem obvious, but it is very possible that with our everyday chaotic lifestyle at work, we might sometimes forget even the important stuff. If you do happen to forget your anniversary, the next thing you’ll be looking to remember is just where to find that dog house to sleep in. There is a Japanese term used in process improvement, “poka yoke” – loosely translated, it means to ‘failsafe’ or ‘idiot-proof’ something. In the case of your wedding anniversary, the perfect poka yoke solution is to schedule it in your calendar – whether it’s Outlook, Google Calendar or just your iPhone Calendar, schedule in an ‘all day event’ for your wedding anniversary to recur annually with a popup reminder set for the day before. Easy right? – Now you will never forget again and you will have 24-hours to search for that perfect gift… Of course, do not tell your wife that you have scheduled an annual reminder for your wedding anniversary, because by doing so, it could actually have a negative effect on what you’re trying to achieve.

2. MIX IT UP!!
Keep her guessing… Did he remember, or didn’t he? – so on one occasion, wake up and give your wife a big cuddle and say “Happy Anniversary, darling”. Then next time, leave for work without saying anything and surprise her with her gift when you come home. The important message here, is don’t become predictable.

Now if you’re anything like me, buying a present for any occasion can be a very stressful and arduous task. It’s not unusual for me to walk the entire length and breadth of Suntec City for two hours and still have absolutely no idea what to buy. Here’s my secret solution: As I’m sure you already know, there are certain ‘traditions’ for each annual stage of married life. Follow the traditional gifts and let your wife know you’ve done so. Then regardless of what you buy, your partner will always know that you’ve bought the gift with the right romantic intentions. Personally, I have to research again every year to discover what is appropriate, so I am listing them below so that I have a record of which to refer for the rest of our lives.

On a very, very funny note, there is a YouTube video that’s been circulating for a couple of years (from Saturday Night Live – Justin Timberlake feat. Andy – “**** In A Box”) and it makes me roll on the floor with laughter no matter how much I watch it – Although it’s the censored version, I didn’t think it appropriate to embed it here on my OMY blog, so have done so on this same article on the ‘legacy’ Aussie Pete blog – CLICK HERE TO VIEW!! – But be warned, it is very much for 16+ readers only. This kind of present should only be given to your wife if you have been married for a long time and your relationship is at the right level. 🙂

Therefore, for all my new OMY readers, I have embedded something a little more romantic – my diehard fans at the legacy blog have seen this video (more than once)… here’s a ‘trailer’ of our Shanghai wedding from 2006 – “Happy Anniversary, Sammi!!”

[youtube _l49et5RVKI]


Year Traditional (U.S.) Traditional (U.K.) Modern (U.S.)
1st Paper Cotton Clocks
2nd Cotton Paper China
3rd Leather Leather Crystal, Glass
4th Linen, Silk Fruit and Flower Appliances (electrical)
5th Wood Wooden Silverware
6th Iron Sugar Wood objects
7th Wool, Copper Woollen Desk sets/Pen & Pencil sets
8th Bronze Salt, Pottery Linens, Lace
9th Pottery, China Copper Leather goods
10th Tin, Aluminum Tin, coal Diamond jewelry
11th Steel Scent Fashion jewelry, accessories
12th Silk Silk and Fine Linen Pearls, Colored gems
13th Lace Barometer Textiles, Furs
14th Ivory Clock Gold jewelry
15th Crystal Crystal Watches
16th Tourmaline Holloware Silver Holloware
17th Furniture Furniture Furniture
18th Turquoise Coloured Gems Porcelain
19th Aquamarine Furniture Bronze
20th China China Platinum
21st     Brass, Nickel
22nd     Copper
23rd     Silver plate
24th Opal   Musical Instruments
25th Silver Silver Silver
30th Pearl Pearl Diamond
35th Coral, Jade Coral Jade
40th Ruby Ruby Ruby
45th Sapphire Sapphire Sapphire
50th Gold Gold Gold
55th Emerald Emerald Emerald
60th Diamond (Yellow) Diamond Diamond
65th   Blue Sapphire Star Sapphire (Gray)
70th   Platinum  
75th Diamond, Gold Diamond Diamond, Gold
80th Oak Oak  
90th   Granite Granite


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