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Singapore in 18 Hours – The Express Tourist

By , July 17, 2012 11:35 pm

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Yesterday, I was very fortunate to be able to play the tourist guide for my very good friend, Ralph and his very lovely wife, Lesley. Hailing from Melbourne, the well-travelled pair had just disembarked from a flight out of London after their 5-week tour of Europe. They specifically stopped in to Singapore on their way home to spend time with us and indulge in some Singapore culture.

Ralph and Lesley - The Express Tourists

Ralph and Lesley - The Express Tourists

The only downfall of the entire day, was that in such a short time I did not manage to change or alter Ralph’s very dubious NRL (national rugby league) team affiliations, nor his very unhealthy appreciation of the player commonly referred to as ‘Billy the Kid’ (Billy Slater) – I will save this topic for another article some other time.

Given that flight QF10 touched down in Singapore in the early evening of Sunday, and departed again around 8pm last night (Monday), by the time you take into account the immigration and customs time and travelling to and from our home, it only allowed us around 18-hours to offer up the best of Singapore that we could manage in such a short period (including a night’s sleep). Obviously, the local food culture was a perfect platform to base the visit around.

The Crabs Cannot Be More Fresh

The Crabs Cannot Be More Fresh

Hence follows the ‘Express Tourist – Singapore in 18-Hours’.

8:30pm – Dinner at Fernvale Point Food Court (Koufu hawker centre)

After arrival at our home in Fernvale, quick calls back home, a freshen-up and quick play with the kids, we decided the most convenient way to jump into Singapore food, was to take Ralph and Lesley to our local haunt. The difference here to the standard chicken rice or 1-meat 3-veg options, was that as part of the shops in this hawker centre, we also have a very high standard selection of sit down, a-la-carte style food. This offers a nearly restaurant style menu and experience. And the food is actually awesome.

Ralph and Lesley are not fans of any very spicy food (chilli), so we were a little restricted with the selection. But we were not about to let this small detail hold us back. So we absolutely stuffed ourselves with Salted Egg prawns, hot plate venison, egg with onion, egg with minced meat, lemon chicken, seafood fried rice, Hong Kong style noodles, king of pork ribs… and a couple of other dishes, which allude me right now. Lesley even dared to try local kopi (although she found it a little sweet for her liking – I’ve become immune to the caffeine and sugar kick over the years… still my favourite coffee).

Salted Egg Prawn

Salted Egg Prawn

So we rolled home, showered, gossiped, played with the kids, argued about football and by sometime well after midnight managed to hit the hay for some shut-eye.

8:00am – Pete’s Home Cooked Turkey Bacon and Eggs

Always on the menu for any visitors that stay with us. We rose to alarm clocks at 7:30am, and wiping the sleepy-dust from my eyes and shaking the head clear, I prepared the now traditional Aussie Pete breakfast – accompanied of course by coffee and orange juice.

9:00am – First of the whirlwind outings and photo opportunities

We left home and braved the (close to) peak hour traffic down the CTE – surprisingly enough, the trip showed a very light side of traffic flow in Singapore. We managed to arrive at One Fullerton car park only some 25 minutes after leaving our apartment.
After a short walk around the area and into Merlion Park – we were quite disappointed to find that the icon of Singapore was closed for a facelift (in preparation for its 40th birthday in September) – we jumped on a bumboat with Singapore River Cruise.


The 40-minute ‘Tale of 2 Quays’ cruise took us around the various tourist hot-spots – photo ops such as the Art Science Museum, Marina Bay Sands, Anderson Bridge, Fullerton, Cavenagh Bridge, Boat Quay, Raffles Landing Site, Elgin and Coleman bridges, Central and Clark Quay and up to Liang Court (and back again).

The Poor Old Merlion - Undergoing a Facelift

The Poor Old Merlion - Undergoing a Facelift

Along with the other passengers (3 other Aussies – 2 cane toads and 1 cockroach), a collective sigh went up, when they tourists realized that Sir Stamford Raffles was actually facing in the wrong direction for a good picture… I didn’t notice, because I was too busy ducking my head away from the financial district in case my boss happened to be peering out of the top floor of our building – here I was gallivanting and playing guide instead of being at work (of course I had taken a vacation for the day).

Upon return to the Merlion Park jetty, we had another quick walk and a cool drink to rehydrate then Lesley wanted a quick browse in one of the souvenir shops.


12:00pm Lunch (Feast) at Bottle Tree Park

We left the bay area with time enough to collect Sammi from Jaime’s kindergarten and head on out to Yishun, to another of our mandatory visitor treats – and also our all-time favourite dining location, Bottle Tree Park (off Lorong Chencharu).

Here is where the real eating (pigging out) took place. The dishes consisted (among others), of pumpkin and pork rib soup (served in a pumpkin of course), crispy roasted chicken (whole), crispy Shanghai stlye pig trotter (huge), Sea Bass steamed and served in HK style sauce (melt in the mouth), their signature Pork and Egg dish (always popular), and of course the obligatory Chilli Sri Lankan Crab (for the locals) and Creamy Butter Crab (for the non-spicy visitors)… at least I got Ralph to try the chilli crab sauce, by dipping the corner of a fried bun and tasting – although it took him about 15-min afterwards to cool down. 🙂

Signature - Chilli Crab

Signature - Chilli Crab

As usual, our eyes were too big for our bellies, so we had more than enough to ‘da bao’ for dinner later.

2:30pm – Orchard Road and Shopping

Orchard Road Shopping

Orchard Road Shopping

Back in the car (squeezing) and back down the CTE, we landed in the heart of Orchard Road. We wanted to show a couple of different sides to shopping in Singapore and this globally known strip. So rather than do much walking up and down the length of Orchard Road, we did the up-market and branded type outlets in Paragon and Takashimaya and balanced it off with the bargain-basement style of Lucky Plaza. For those of you already familiar with these local retail landmarks, you will easily identify with the contradiction of these shopping experiences.

Lucky My Boss Isn't Looking Out The Window

Lucky My Boss Isn't Looking Out The Window

4:30pm – Back Home and Departure Preparations

With the family reunited after kindergarten, sightseeing and shopping we took the time for a final catch-up at home (although I was actually feeling quite worn out and succumbed to a 10-minute power nap as well – unplanned).

Dinner (or ‘tea’ as it is commonly referred to in Australia – I sometimes forget local Aussie English, and it actually surprises me to hear how weird some terms that I grew up with actually now sound… the word tea for me now is usually accompanied with another descriptor – ‘green’, ‘ice-lemon’ etc. I forgot that I once used it to describe an entire meal) – did not happen – unanimous decision! At least not so early – we took some food (da bao from lunch) and fed the boys a little later after we returned from the airport.

Some final packing and freshen up and back to Terminal 1 for the Qantas flight.

6:20pm – Check-In at Changi Airport

True to form, I landed us at the check-in counter exactly 2-hours before scheduled flight departure time. With little or no queue to speak of, we all took the opportunity to browse the terminal bookstore (I was actually without reading material for my de-stressing evening bath-time, which is very unusual – so why not kill two birds with one stone).

Some final farewells, and Jaime getting a little sad and watery-eyed (as is always the case with departing visitors), Ralph and Lesley entered the immigration area for the final time on this trip. I am quite certain that after 5-weeks abroad, coping with jet-lag and being walked and eaten off their feet in such a short time in Singapore, they would have been more than happy to return to the comfort of their own bed (I’m wondering if they even managed to wake up for a meal on the plane). 🙂

Ralph (MBS in the Background)

Ralph (MBS in the Background)

In all, we had a very enjoyable, albeit short time, with one of my best mates and his wife – pictured above with the MBS in the background.

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Melbourne… Not Just Footy, Cold Beer and Meat Pies!

By , October 5, 2011 2:09 am

I’ve mentioned before in my earlier posts about Melbourne that this time back home, I saw so many sides to this beautiful culturally-inspired city of which I was not even aware.

Obviously, show me the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and I can rattle off which teams have won the AFL (Australian Football League) grand final and in what year. I could sing for you any of the team songs, and I could describe the wonderful experience of eating a ‘four-and-twenty’ pie while downing an ice cold Fosters beer in the middle of a cold winter’s day.


I could tell you what kind of bargains you could get at the Queen Victoria markets, where the best places to eat in Lygon or Brunswick Streets are, and what the best vantage point is along the river, to view the New Years’ eve fireworks.


When I donned a bike helmet and set out on a push bike near Federation Square with four other bloggers and Murray of Real Melbourne Bike Tours, I was to learn that I did not in fact know it all! It’s not just about footy, cold beer and meat pies! Wow – that’s surprising?!


I don’t need to say much about the architecture or the history of Melbourne dwellings. The pictures alone just leave my mouth agape. But little did I know that there are some very special places hidden within the alleyways. At one point,Murray pointed out a garden area on a low roof top. He then showed us the door that entered into that particular venue – completely unmarked and easy to miss… unless you know about it, you would never think to enter – but this place apparently rocks in the evening. Just knowing about it provided me with a sense of ‘secret knowledge’ that was very unique. As it turns out, there are dozens of such venues and locations hidden all throughout the streets and alleys.


Click Here to View Many More Pictures Of Unique Melbourne Streets and Architecture

Like I said, I know many of the good eating places along Brunswick Street (Fitzroy), but as a ‘creature of habit’, I had never really before left my comfort zone – so how does one really suggest they know the ‘best’ places, when they’ve only entered a small percentage of the premises? I therefore stand corrected. So many cultures and so much diversity along one short strip of bitumen.


Click Here to View More Pictures Of Our Bike Tour of Melbourne

I want to round this post up with a huge thank you to the sponsors and organizers for making sure that my weight loss program was tossed out the window… I ate like never before while in Melbourne – whether it was the slow-cooked specialties and wines at…

… ‘The Atlantic’ at the Crown Complex…







The Atlantic
Crown Entertainment Complex
8 Whiteman Street
Southbank VIC 3006 Australia
Tel: (03) 9698 8888
Fax: (03) 9698 8899

…dinner aboard the Tramcar Restaurant…







The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant
Tramstop #125 Normanby Road, near the corner of Clarendon Street,
South Melbourne, VIC 3206
(61) 3 9696 4000
Luncheon – 4 Course Meal 1:00 – 3:00 pm $82.50
Early Dinner – 3 Course Meal 5:45 – 7:15 pm $77.00
Late Dinner (Sun-Thu) – 5 Course Meal 8:35 – 11:30 pm $121.00
Late Dinner (Fri-Sat) – 5 Course Meal 8:35 – 11:30 pm $137.50

… the phenomenal seafood platters at Taylors Waterfront Restaurant on Phillip Island…





Taylors Waterfront Restaurant
5 Phillip Island Tourist Road
Phillip Island VIC 3922
Tel: (03) 5956 7371
Fax: (03) 5956 6540

… or the fine Italian dining at The Merchant…














The Merchant
495 Collins Street
Melbourne Vic. 3000.
Tel: (03) 9614 7688
Fax: (03) 9614 7211

The food was absolutely awesome and we were treated to some of the finest cuisine and wines that I’ve ever tasted.

Click Here to View More Pictures Of The Awesome Food and Wines of Victoria

OK – *sigh* – now I’m hungry and thristy…

Real Melbourne Bike Tours
@Hire a Bike
Vault 14 at Federation Wharf, riverside level below Federation Square
Melbourne VIC 3000
Tel: 0417 339 203



Amazing Architecture and so culturally diverse:























Source: Aussie Pete

Eat Together and Live Longer

By , August 15, 2011 1:14 am

By now, I’m sure dear readers, that you would have noticed a kind of sub-theme emerging in my blog over the last few weeks… that of healthy living. I’ve spoken recently about the importance of healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

Today, I want to briefly talk about the very healthy side to the Chinese culture to which I’ve been ‘adopted’. You see, dinner is now one of the most important times of each day for me, and it is very important within our family’s culture that this daily meal is one of the cornerstones of our bonding.


Even if I’m working late in the office or I have late night conference calls or community activities, it is mandatory that we sit down together as a family each and every night and share not just in food, but also use the opportunity to discuss our day and the events that have taken place in one another’s absence… Jaime just loves to share what he’s learned in kindergarten each day, Sammi always has some nuggets of stories which she tells in her very unique and humourous way and Casey (our baby)… well he just treats me like a rock star whenever I walk through the door!!

Given that we know we will always be together at around 7pm for this event each evening, we make sure that this is also the time that we focus most on the quality of the food that we are eating as a family.

As I’ve mentioned before, staying healthy is easier when you do it together. Therefore, using healthy food as the base, our family bonding at dinner creates wonderful and quality family moments.

I’m sure that this culture of bonding will rub off on the boys as they grow, so much so that as Sammi and I age (and no doubt we will remain focussed on our healthy, active lifestyle), we expect that our get-togethers as extended family will continue, ensuring that we will end up as healthy senior citizens in the prime of life!

On a side (but somewhat related) note, something I recently became aware of as a result of my dicsussion with some medical friends and my annual health screening, is the importance of what is known as ‘plant sterols’ (especially as we age).

Plant sterols (also known as phytosterols) come from the membranes of certain plants, and are helpful in lowering cholesterol – naturally! The scientists tell us that plant sterols are ‘structurally similar’ to animal cholesterol. They can be found naturally in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, cereals, legumes, vegetable oils and other plants.


The sterols work by interfering or blocking the absorption of dietary cholesterol, which in turn lowers blood cholesterol levels – one of the highest risk factors for heart disease!

The only thing to remember, is that plant sterols can (and should) be eaten everyday, but a normal diet would not contain enough to have significant cholesterol lowering effects (around 2 to 3 grams of sterols is the optimum amount)… so be sure to look for foods when you’re shopping at the supermarket that have been fortified with sterols – you can often find them in some breads, cereals, low fat milk, low fat yogurt and even some fruit juices.

Remember my basic lessons – eat healthy, stay active and your family will stay together longer by eating together!!


Also, while we’re on the subject of Health and Lifestyle, be sure to check out the ‘Health & You 2011’ Exhibition, which is happening at the Suntec City Convention Centre (Hall 402) on the 27th and 28th August.

Learn about healthy foods and products, see cooking demonstrations, take part in fun activities and even win prizes (there will be one activity – the Nestle Quest Card – where the winner will walk away with a Dolce Gusto Circcolo ‘multi beverage maker’).


Source: Aussie Pete

Healthy Eating Means A Healthy Mind And Body

By , July 31, 2011 11:26 pm

A slight diversion from my usual subject matter…

Most of my readers are probably very weary of reading about my weight loss, and the last thing you want to hear from me, would be how much of a hard effort I put in each and every week at the gym.

So, I’m going to change gears a little and talk about the huge changes that we’ve made in not just my eating habits, but those of my entire family.

You see, although I was quoted in Men’s Health magazine talking about the basic mathematics behind weight loss – calories burned minus calories taken in – what I didn’t touch on, is the other benefits of eating healthy… it’s all about moderation, balance and variety.

A couple of key things to remember – LESS SALT and LESS FAT in your foods!

When it comes to our 4-year old Jaime, for example, we are very lucky in that he is extremely adventurous when it comes to trying new foods… and even luckier that he does not have much of a sweet tooth, nor does he like very salty foods – in fact, give him a bowl of steamed green vegetables and mushrooms, and he will be as ‘happy as Larry’!


When it comes to me personally, before I met my wife and developed any depth of knowledge through diverse cultural experiences, I had spent the greater part of my life never understanding or even knowing the benefits of natural Chinese herbs.

After spending many years in Asia (the first few in China), I quickly became exposed to many foods which I had never even heard of let alone consumed. At the same time, I was amazed at how well I felt as a result of many of the various natural herbal soups that my father-in-law made for me – and each time he served, he took the time out to show me the herbs in their pre-cooked state and explained the benefits of each one – whether you’re looking for herbs to increase overall wellness, improve your eye-sight, reduce blood pressure or ward off the next season’s common cold or flu… there will always be something just for you!

Now here’s the slam-dunk – while most western ‘preventative’ medicines or healthy food may not always taste that great, through centuries of handing-down and sharing of key learnings, most Chinese herbal soups taste absolutely fabulous – and within a very short time after eating, you are guaranteed to feel absolutely on top of the world… a true natural high that’s also legal 🙂

The downfall of all of this, is that neither my wife or I have the knowledge or experience to prepare the ingredients to produce our own herbal soups at home.

Last night, we found a way to overcome this lack of knowledge, and I’m about to share it with you now, dear readers…

Check out this picture below – believe it or not – our very own home cooked Chicken Herbal Soup with American Ginseng, Huai Shan, Gou Qi, Yu Zhu and Long Yan!


Upon boiling the chicken (with no salt or additives), the soup took just minutes to prepare. This is thanks to a new collaboration between two companies, both experts in their respective fields and very trusted brand names – Eu Yan Sang and Maggi!

herbal01I recommend that you check it out for yourself – YANG SHENG LE – it’s a concentrated Herbal Soup. Thers is a range available of these herbal chicken soups, and according to the website which I had to check out after dinner, they are all made from premium quality Chinese herbs and natural ingredients. You can pick them up at selected supermarkets and all Eu Yan Sang shops.

Some of the other attractive features of these ‘ready to boil’ natural soups for dummies (don’t tell my wife I called her that), include: No Preservatives, No Added MSG, No Added Artificial Colouring or Flavouring and they are easily prepared in minutes.

It’s very important to point out that the ‘oiliness’ you see in the picture of our soup, is due to the chicken – I’ve since found out that to reduce this, simply remove the skin from the chicken before you begin :p

After we ate this soup tonight (the American Ginseng one), I asked our number one critic in the house to rate the flavour – Jaime gave it a full thumbs up. I then checked with our in-house nutrition expert and critic, Sammi, who likewise gave it a more than positive decision.

For me – I’m just stoked that something that tastes so good and fills me up after taking it in moderation, is full of the balance and variety I spoke of above, has little salt and fat content, and keeps my calories “intake and burn” balance well and truly in check.

So there you go – a healthy choice for all of the family – simple to prepare with all of the knowledge of centuries of Chinese herbal benefits, that will leave you feeling good inside and out! Perfect also for those of you living a busy lifestyle!

Source: Aussie Pete

Ah Lun and Ah Pete – Sharing A Common Passion

By , April 19, 2011 12:23 am

Ah Lun and Ah Pete

Ah Lun and Ah Pete

OK, I know that you know already – I love my food!.. and if you followed my transformation journey late last year with Urban Homme and hard-work and discipline, as featured in Men’s Health Magazine in February and April, 2011, I managed to shed the extra 15kg of excess body fat brought about by a few years of over-indulgence.

Although I’ve remained relatively flat since (in weight, not necessarily the waist-line), I do from time-to-time feel the urge to give in to temptation…. which often brings about a guilt-free binge. But let me get it straight – I would not just eat for the sake of eating – the food must be well-worth it.

Saturday just gone by was one of these days – and boy, oh boy, did I ever let loose! (as did my poor belt buckle)

I was fortunate enough to be invited by OMY and Lianhe Wanbao Chinese Newspaper, to attend the second of their ‘Gourmet Food Trail’ with legendary foodie, Ah Lun. For those who may not be familiar with Ah Lun, he is a veteran food writer who has contributed to Lianhe Zaobao food columns for years, is an expert when it comes to all things culinary, and these days has a regular section dedicated to him alone on OMY’s Food section.


So picture this – five straight hours of eating some of the most succulent and mouth-watering dishes available in Singapore at two venues, prepared by Chefs – experts in their respective fields.

The day was attended by arounded 80 other guests, predominately readers of Lianhe Wanbao, and although the on-stage entertainment and antics were in Chinese language, I in no way felt left out… admittedly, much of the conversation was lost on my inadequate grasp of Mandarin, but we all still spoke in one common language – that of delicious food!


Things became even more interesting, when at the second restaurant, I was called up on stage for an impromptu interview (thanks Alvin, for the ‘fast-on-your-feet’ translation – although the beads of sweat began rolling down my forehead the moment that you asked me to say a few words in Chinese), and continued on to entertain the audience with my own version of preparing and rolling the infamous local dish – Popiah (aside to my mate, Yong Wei, who made some fun of me at a recent media launch, due to my lack of knowledge and problems pronouncing the word – Popiah – now, I challenge you my friend… have you ever made or rolled your own? I can proudly say that I have, and it was extremely successful and even more tasty!!) 🙂


The trail began on the 35th Floor of the Orchard Wing of the Mandarin Orchard Hotel. The very extravagant, award-winnning, Mandarin Court Chinese Restaurant. DSC_1079After registration, the food started flowing. As is always the way with food, the best way to blog about it, I believe is in pictures. Below, you will see the menu along with images from the Mandarin Court leg of the gourmet food trail.

Included in these images, are some random shots of the entertainment – from dress-up games to a demonstration by very talented chefs of how to cut and prepare the world-famous Peking Duck, which was the ‘special’ non menu dish at this restaurant (it also happens to be one of my all-time favourites of dishes).

Once you’re done drooling over your computer or hand-held device – whichever way you happen to be reading this article – be sure to continue further down for my take on the second restaurant (Lao Beijing), the delights offered there, and my first-class effort in preparing Popiah for the appreciative audience (also alive with images).
















By this stage, I am completely sated, and my belt has been loosened those couple of notches… so what better to follow on from here? – Of course, more food!!

We walked (rolled?) down to the tour buses that transported us from the heart of Orchard Road to Tiong Bahru Plaza, and directly to the second of the afternoon’s sensational taste-bud tempting venues of the Gourmet Trail.

This time, it is for the more ‘family style’ (ambience) Lao Beijing. Upon talking to the lovely Rae (Assistant VP for TungLok), I understand that the unique experience of being able to roll one’s own Popiah is a relatively new and novel offering at Lao Beijing. I also owe a debt of gratitude for Rae making sure that my hand-made Popiah was packaged up for me to take back to my wife at home. 🙂 I don’t know what would have happened if I had turned up at home empty-handed, with a camera full of images of the food that I’d spent a full five hours consuming on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

The entertainment also continued, with demostration by the Chefs, as well as a game involving a pair of chopsticks and what appeared to be very slippery marbles in a glass.

As aforementioned, I also unwittingly became a part of the entertainment – perhaps the most humourous of all was my attempt at speaking Chinese – one very nervous Caucasian speaking to a room full of fluent-speaking Chinese Singaporeans.

Although I jest about my stage appearance, I must say I felt quite special to be invited up and was earlier somewhat humbled to be told by one very senior gentleman from Lianhe Wanbao, that he is a fan of my blog and reads it regularly.

So, without further ado… the following is the menu from Lao Beijing for our second session of the day, along with drool-worthy pictures and some random images of the entertainment – including yours truly and my first public food preparation demonstration!! – be sure to check out the location of both restaurants at the bottom of this article… if you like what you see in the pictures and I’ve aroused any of your senses, be sure to head on down and check them out.






















Venue: 1st Restaurant: Mandarin Court Chinese Restaurant

Address: Mandarin Orchard Singapore
333 Orchard Road
Level 35 Orchard Wing
Singapore 238867
(Nearest MRT: Somerset Station)

2nd Restaurant: Lao Beijing

Address: 302 Tiong Bahru Road
#02-12 Tiong Bahru Plaza
Singapore 168732
(Nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru Station)

Source: Aussie Pete Legacy Blog… Gourmet Food Trail

Hidden Culinary Gem – Mimo Bar and Kitchen

By , January 26, 2011 3:01 am

rainforest-streamSome years ago, I lived on a hobby farm at Mt Tambourine in the Gold Coast Hinterland (Qld, Australia). Situated on eight acres and surrounded by natural rainforest, it was an idyllic location with awesome tranquility.

On Friday night just gone by, I had a Déjà vu moment… yes, right here in Singapore!! Heading out along Eng Neo Avenue then towards Turf City, we ventured up a side street (Fairways Drive) toward the Saddle Club. Immediately we were transported away from the hustle and bustle and found ourselves surrounded by natural forest interspersed with open paddocks… before travelling all the way to a golf range, we turned left at the horse stables to arrive at our destination.

The reason for this trek? – we were invited by a lovely lady, Ivy Woo, to dine at the newly refurbished Mimo Kitchen and Bar – talk about getting away from the hustle and bustle!! What better way to spend a Friday evening after an intense week in the office? Back to nature!

Wine Glass

The venue is designed to cater toward family and friends, and the ‘whimsical’ designs of local artist ANTz ( just seem to meld into the surrounding environment and help bring the work-inspired blood pressure back down to normal levels.

The western style menu offers a great international selection of simple, hearty dishes. From breads to burger patties to cakes and tarts, everything is prepared from scratch in our kitchen… including even the breadrolls which are amazingly mouth watering!

Chef Louie Moong, a pastry and dessert chef by training, heads the team with the simple philosophy – “Cook for your guests like you would cook for your loved ones. You put your heart to it.”

So without ado, get a tissue ready to wipe the drool from your lips as I share with you the delicious and wholesome dishes in which we partook – I won’t tell you who ate what, because we were so impressed we had to share each others’ dishes to get a sample of everything that was brought to our table.

Our Appetizers:

Flower Crab and Mango Salad – S$19

Flower Crab and Mango Salad

Crab Cake – S$18

Crab Cake

Pan Seared Foie Gras – $28

Pan Seared Foie Gras

Main Courses:

Mimo Beef Burger – $28

Mimo Beef Burger

Roasted Stuffed Quail – $36

Roasted Stuffed Quail

Seabass Meuniere- $28

Seabass Meuniere

Dessert Platter – $12
(Angel Food Cake, French Apple Tart, Chocolate Melt, Pina Colada)

Dessert Platter

Jaime had “Eggy and Toasty Beans” from the Kids Menu aith a side of fries – $10

Eggy and Toasty Beans

And of course, icecream – he loved the meringue bites!!

Jaime's Ice Cream

Jaime's Meringue

Oh – did I mention that one of our waiters was ‘ELVIS’??


So, take my advice – this is a truly hidden ‘Culinary Gem’ in an almost forgotten part of Singapore – go check it out with your family and friends…

Here are some more images of the evening, along with the stunning work and design of ANTz – for the full gallery of pictures, CLICK HERE!


Jaime Colouring

Mimo Kitchen and Bar

Mimo Kitchen and Bar

Mimo Kitchen and Bar

Mimo Kitchen and Bar

Mimo Kitchen and Bar

Mimo Kitchen and Bar

Mimo Kitchen and Bar

Mimo Kitchen and Bar

Mimo Kitchen and Bar

Mimo Kitchen and Bar

Mimo Kitchen and Bar

Mimo Kitchen and Bar

Mimo Kitchen and Bar is located at:

55 Fairways Drive, Singapore 286864

Opening Hours:

Tues – Sat, Dinner: 6pm to 11pm
Sat, Sun and Public Holidays, Brunch: 10am to 3pm

For Reservations, email

For more information on the restaurant, you can visit the website at

Click Links for Menus

Dinner Menu

Brunch Menu

Kids Menu

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