Photos That Make You Think ‘WTH’!!

By , May 25, 2015 11:58 am

With social media today, it’s not difficult to find photographs on a daily basis that range anywhere between somewhat awkward to downright ‘What The Hell‘. Below are 20 images that are on the upper end of this scale.

The problem might be that Japanese fashion revolves around skirts that are too shortI’m not sure who is more creepy – the photographer, or the guy in the magazine shop standee looking up?
We would be nothing without our fans – that’s why we love them so deeply…
One happy cult family riding a tree
The eye shadow look good – not sure about the unfortunate wall shadow
It’s just his thumb folks… just his thumb
This is why I would never have flesh colored leather on my car seats – it could cause people to get the wrong idea

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Parents and Technology Don’t Mix – Hilarious SMS Exchanges With Their Kids!

By , April 26, 2014 10:33 pm

Source: Aussie Pete Blog

I’m not even talking about computers or social media here – simple texting can be challenging for the ‘age-challenged’. I recently caught the following gallery of very funny texts between parents and their offspring.

All I can say is LOL (Lots Of Love) and WTF (Well That’s fantastic) !!  🙂




























What Is Your God-Given Talent? Start Living the Dream!

By , February 10, 2014 10:43 pm

Original Source: Aussie Pete

Most of us go to work everyday to keep the order ticking along. At times, we probably think we’d rather be out fishing… but we understand that our commitments are such that we need to be able to provide – food on the table, safety and shelter for our loved ones, education and development for the little ones, to name but a few.

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Living the dream -

Living the dream -

When we ourselves were younger, we often had dreams that later in life might seem somewhat unfulfilled – perhaps it’s playing a professional sport, having paintings displayed in a national gallery or singing in front of an audience of screaming fans.

Whatever your dream is or was, I firmly believe that God has provided us all with at least one (or more) very special gifts. I also believe that these gifts are what our dreams are made of.

So my message today is quite simple – regardless of your age, status or current lot in life. Regardless of whether you are a student, a fireman, a lawyer, a banker :), a plumber… get out there and do something that you love – something that you have an aptitude for, something that makes you feel awesome about yourself.

It doesn’t matter if nobody else cares or listens – as long as you can remember what it was that brought a feeling of completeness to your soul. Go to the park and kick a football… take time out and buy a canvas and brushes… or simply, just sing a song that you love. It will all come flooding back to you.

So what is your God-given talent??

I recently became aware of a couple of guys that are living their dream. If what I read serves me correct, these blokes are attornies. But as well as meeting their commitments to family and loved ones, they are also doing what they love and what they definitely have a God-given talent for – making beautiful sweet sounds…

Living the dream - Lui in pink shirt and high hair, me bottom right

Living the dream - Lui in pink shirt and high hair, me bottom right

Interestingly, I first viewed one of their videos on YouTube through a mate of mine sharing it on Facebook. This buddy of mine, Lui, also happens to be a singing partner of mine from around 20+ years ago – we were in a teenage group in the 80s and believe it or not, had a pretty solid following – I remember touring through country Queensland performing to (at times) screaming schoolgirls, signing autographs on publicity pictures and quite simply – living the dream of that time in our lives.

I’m not going to say that we were anywhere close to having the talent of Mike Masse and Jeff Hall – but it is what we did, what we loved.

Following are a few of Mike and Jeff’s videos that really moved me and left me with the ‘Wow’ factor.

Firstly, a cover version of Toto’s ‘Africa’:

[youtube MLrC7e3vSv8]

How many Dads can listen to such a beautiful version of ‘Cat’s in the Cradle’ without tearing up?:

[youtube MEvfJSB7K8M]

Finally, for all the Eagles fans… ‘Hotel California’ – or is it?? Hmmm? One more Time??:

[youtube kgg2yuA9Xek]

Now do yourself a favour!! – Remember your dream. Live it – even if it’s just personally (or in a Pizza shop). It’s your God-given talent and right! 🙂
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Spooky Find In Grandparents Attic – Preserved Dead Body!

By , September 22, 2013 10:08 pm

Source: Aussie Pete

Well, this is one of those classic ‘What The Hell’ Moments…

But the story gets weirder and weirder as the facts emerge.

When a 10-year-old boy found a human mummy in a sarcophagus in a corner of his grandparents’ attic, it left German authorities in a state of bewilderment.

The mummy found by a ten-year-old boy in Germany lies in its resting place. (Pic: EPA/Lutz Wolfgang Kettler)

The mummy found by a ten-year-old boy in Germany lies in its resting place. (Pic: EPA/Lutz Wolfgang Kettler)

An x-ray picture showing the skull of a mummy with headband and arrowhead at an institute for radiology in Diepholz, Germany. (Pic: EPA/Lutz Wolfgang Kettler)

An x-ray picture showing the skull of a mummy with headband and arrowhead at an institute for radiology in Diepholz, Germany. (Pic: EPA/Lutz Wolfgang Kettler)

A number of tests have been performed on the remains, and as a result (through CT scan) it was discovered that the well-preserved human skull had an arrow sticking out of the left eye socket. According to local newspaper Kreiszeitung, there were also large parts of a skeleton with the arms crossed over the chest.

To make things even more confusing, a ‘death mask’ also found in the box and X-rays show a metal layer covering the bones. At this stage, the gender of the 1.49-metre long human remains is unknown.

It is thought that the boy’s late father, Lutz-Wolfgang Kettler, might have brought the mummy back from North Africa in the 1950s.
According to pathologists and researchers, things just don’t add up!!
The mummy has not been unwrapped for fear of damaging the remains, but the bandages used actually date from the 20th century and are machine-woven. According to pathologist Andreas Nerlich of Munich’s Bogenhausen hospital, “the skull and the bones are real, the mummy is a fake, made from one or several human bodies… What we have are questions upon questions”.

The mummy is examined through with the help of modern science. (Pic: AAP)

The mummy is examined through with the help of modern science. (Pic: AAP)

Police and prosecutors from Diepholz, Lower Saxony state, are waiting for more information on where the body came from. Police spokesman, Frank Bavendiek told German news agency DPA, “We’ll wait until we know how old the bones are… If they are a few hundred years old, then it’s a mummy and we won’t investigate”.

So let me ask you, dear readers – When was the last time you snooped around your Grandparents’ attic?

Dear Readers… Please Help Save Locky’s Dad!!

By , August 29, 2013 9:57 pm

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audo04Locky’s Dad is Nick Auden – the dad of three little kids: Lachlan (“Locky”), Hayley, & Evan – a loving husband, an athlete and a successful businessman!

And he keeps surviving against all odds in his battle against Stage 4 Melanoma.

Nick is determined to be a survival case study for other advanced melanoma fighters.

But he needs access to a trial drug to beat this disease – for Locky, Hayley, and Evan to keep their dad.

Please play your part by joining us in making sure Nick wins this battle.

“Audo” (Nick Auden) is a really top bloke and a role model of a father. He departed Singapore in 2011 with his family to Denver, Colorado – within 2-months of the move he found out he was due to be a Dad for the third time and also that he had stage 4 Melanoma.

[youtube 3teA62o5eLY]

I would personally be very, very grateful if all of my readers take a couple of minutes to help save Locky’s Dad!


Join us in asking Merck and Bristol-Myers Squibb to give Nick access to the new breakthrough PD-1 drug for melanoma.

A new anti-PD-1 (“PD-1”) wonderdrug is showing remarkable results for patients with Stage 4 melanoma.

Up until now, Stage 4 melanoma has largely been incurable.

The people of Merck and Bristol-Myers Squibb are working hard to get their PD-1 drugs approved, but they may not achieve PD-1 commercial availability for another 12-18 months.

Nick cannot wait that long. He needs the PD-1 drug now!

Nick qualified for a Merck PD-1 trial in July, but a medical complication arose and excluded him from the trial.

His best chance now is PD-1 access on a compassionate basis.

Merck and Bristol-Myers Squibb have the power to give Nick PD-1 on a compassionate basis. Help us tell Merck and Bristol-Myers Squibb to give Nick the PD-1 drug.

Nick is strong. Nick can win this. Nick can be a case study of survival for late stage melanoma fighters like him.

What can YOU do?

Please join us in asking Merck and Bristol-Myers Squibb to provide Nick compassionate access to PD-1 – access to a chance to fight for a full life with Amy, Locky, Hayley, and Evan.

How? Four ways you can help:

1. Sign Nick’s petition to Merck and Bristol-Myers Squibb:


2. Twitter: Ask @merck and @bmsnews to give Nick compassionate access to PD-1

3. Facebook: Like the page on Facebook with the message “@Merck and Bristol-Myers Squibb, please #SaveLockysDad.” And share this story with others.


4. Or spread the word via email, blogging, talking to friends, and anything else you can think of!

There is a website set up especially for Nick – (you can see a photo gallery of his beautiful family there also, as well as reading a heartfelt letter from Locky’s Mum, Amy)


Please share with family and friends to get as many electronic signatures as we can!!


What is Melanoma?

Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer and generally occurs where the skin is sun damaged at a young age. The damage to the skin cells leads to uncontrolled cell growth in the melanocytes, the cells that contain pigments that color our hair and skin. If detected very early melanoma can be completely removed by surgery which can provide a cure. The risk however is that melanoma quickly spreads throughout the body. Typically it will spread or metastasize to organs such as the lungs, liver, bones, and brain. Once it has metastasized to distant organs melanoma is almost always terminal. In recent years several new treatments have been developed however these treatments provide life extension measured only in months. The PD-1 drugs recently developed by Merck and Bristol-Myers Squibb offer, for the first time, a real chance for patients with advanced melanoma.

For more information, see also

Ball-Cutter Pacu Fish… Brings Tears To My Eyes Just Thinking About It

By , August 14, 2013 9:10 pm

Known as a PACU, the “ball-cutter” fish has a set of chompers very similar to that of a human.

Usually found only in warm waters of the Amazon River, the Pacu, a relative of the Piranha, can grow up to a length of 90cm and a weight of 25kg.


So it came as a complete surprise when a 21cm Pacu was caught in an eel trap in Oresund Sound off the south coast of Sweden.

Although the Natural History Museum of Denmark is testing the DNA of the fish to confirm that it is in fact a Pacu, they issued a very succinct warning to the public: “Keep your swimwear on if you’re bathing in the Sound these days – maybe there are more out there!”

This is absolutely no joke – this species of invasive fish has become infamous for attacking human testicles. In fact, Pacus have reportedly killed fishermen who have bled to death after losing their testicles.

According to fish expert Henrick Carl of the Natural History Museum, the freshwater fish bite “because they’re hungry, and testicles sit nicely in their mouth”. He continued by saying to local news media, “They are almost identical to the piranha… It’s just that they have different teeth. Flatter and stronger, perfect for crushing.”

“It normally eats nuts, fruit, and small fish, but human testicles are just a natural target. It’s not normal to get your testicles bitten off, of course, but it can happen …,” said Mr Carl.


[youtube Smmvv1VNmNM]

Source: Aussie Pete

There Were Four In The Bed, And The Little One Said…

By , August 6, 2013 9:34 pm

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Roll Over… Roll Over… so they all rolled over and NONE FELL OUT!!

Well, that’s not really the way the song goes, but with a mattress specifically designed by Sealy, when one heavy person moves about in their sleep it’s not felt by their partner. In my case, I’ll give you two guesses who the heavy one is.

There were four in the bed...

There were four in the bed...

As I near the end of my series of articles as one of Sealy’s Sleep Gurus, I’ve decided to set myself up and make myself comfortable by writing this from the comfort of my bed.

This is actually one of the worst things I can do when it comes to separating work space from sleep space, but after such a stressful and long couple of weeks at work, it’s refreshing to sit back with my feet up!!

So far, I’ve covered off on how much more improved my sleep patterns and habits are becoming as a result of the support and comfort for my years-old back problems. I’ve spoken about how my dreams have returned due to strong and regular sleep cycles (extremely vivid, lucid and memorable dreams)… I haven’t touched on one of the other things I’m getting out of our high quality, durable Sealy mattress – firstly, because I agreed up front that my articles (just has always been on my blog) would be no more naughty than PG16


I found the following video on YouTube that might help communicate to you all what cannot be said… I’ve sort of been wondering why I’ve been getting lots of cute looks since we toook delivery of our mattress – this video explains it all:

[youtube 6eBNUJO3_Bg]

Finally, let me remind everyone to pay a visit to the flagship store – Sealy Sleep Palace at 91 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Place, #01-02, S. 247918. I took this short video the day that I selected our ‘Royal Highness’:

[youtube SZwzAwNmIFg]

So – now it’s over to you, dear readers… simply VOTE FOR ME HERE – and stand to win!!


Source: Aussie Pete

REM Sleep – Rapid Eye Movement? Maybe Not!!

By , July 25, 2013 10:54 pm

Source: Aussie Pete Legacy Blog

Now here is something that I never considered when I started the Sealy Sleep Ambassador campaign.
Of course, I’d heard about REM (rapid eye movement) sleep before and have read reports of how not getting enough can have serious consequences on my health. What I didn’t know was that I just haven’t been experiencing it often enough over recent years.

I sort of just thought that it was a fact of getting older that I don’t remember my dreams like I did when I was a child.

Furthermore, I thought that because I survive with a minimal number hours of sleep every night, the number of sleep ‘cycles’ are less – therefore also reducing my ability to remember my dreams.

Little did I expect that even the very first time I slept on our new Sealy mattress, I would wake mid way through one of the most lucid dreams I’ve ever had in my life. It was quite bizarre, but at the same time extremely refreshing.

This prompted me to do a little research online – could just changing to a new mattress cause lucid dreams?

The answer is unequivocally ‘YES’!!


Firstly, and to state the obvious, a few hours of sleep is just not enough for anyone. There are genetic reasons why some individuals require less sleep, but not just a few hours a night. My habit (for a long time) has been to work like a trooper on weekdays and then ‘binge’ sleep on Saturday mornings (sometimes Friday night’s sleep would last as long as 12+ hours) – this is obviously unacceptable and I don’t do it anymore because it takes away quality time from my family and shortens the weekend by a quarter.

The amount of sleep required definitely differs from person to person, but as a rough guide, experts have come up with the following chart based on age:


With the number of hours sleep come a direct correlation with the number of ‘sleep cycles’ – for example a newborn baby will have up to 12 sleep cycles, while the average adult will experience just 4 or 5. The more sleep cycles, the longer the duration of REM sleep and lucid, memorable dreams will become more common.


So therein lies my first problem – not enough sleep = not enough sleep cycles = not enough REM sleep = shorter and less memorable dreams.

But that doesn’t explain that when I was ‘binge’ sleeping – up to 12-hours+, why was I still not having lucid dreams (that I could remember)? Nor does it explain why the very first time I had a nap on my new Sealy mattress (2-hours duration) that I had probably the most vivid and real dream that I can remember in my lifetime.

The secondary research solved it for me.

I’ve mentioned before about the lower back pain that I have experienced over a number of years due to degenerative damage to my lower spine from years of football and martial arts. Although I had experienced some level of improvement in the way I felt each morning and seemed to be achieving more continuous sleep through just sleeping on a hard surface, I was missing out on the crucial cycles required to achieve prolonged periods of REM sleep.


This was also a very vicious cycle – I have discovered that even mild pain can disrupt the sleep cycles, and there are good data to suggest that not enough REM sleep makes the pain worse!!

According to Gilles Lavigne, DDS, MSc, FRCD, “Severe pain can make you bolt upright from a sound sleep. But even milder pain can cause “microarousals”. These are periods when your pain breaks through and bumps you back into the light sleep stage. You may not become conscious, and the next day you won’t remember waking up. But your fragmented sleep can leave you feeling like you didn’t get any rest at all”

The subjective intensity of pain decreases when a person is well rested. Insufficient REM sleep can cause “hyperalgesia”- increased sensitivity to pain.

Therefore, it doesn’t take much to put two and two together… the mattress I chose was with my back support in mind. I’ve mentioned before about the Sealy technologies and patents, and used terms such as “Posture Channels” and “Pressure Relief Inlays”… all I know is that I can dream again!!


Since that very first nap the Sunday before last, I continue to dream every time I sleep… I continue to remember much about my dreams, and even more – when I wake from a dream to use the bathroom and go back to sleep, the dreams just continue immediately – this is a sure sign of high quality REM sleep.

It is also well known that REM sleep is important to healthy brain functioning for many reasons, including the creation of long-term memories… and I just blamed the excesses of the 80s for my poor memory 😉

For me, REM Sleep is no longer an acronym for ‘Rapid Eye Movement’ Sleep… it now stands for ‘Really Enjoy My’ Sleep!!

One other important piece of trivia that I’ve picked up, is that “in today’s performance-obsessed society, people often cite Napoleon, Louis XIV, and Churchill as examples of high achievers who supposedly slept only a few hours each night. But curiously, people fail to mention all the other high achievers who, like Einstein, needed 10 and sometimes even 12 hours of sleep per night!”


Finally – now that I am getting some seriously high quality REM sleep, I will be closely monitoring my blood pressure over coming weeks. Taken from Knutson et al. Association Between Sleep and Blood Pressure in Midlife: The CARDIA Sleep Study.:

“Reduced sleep duration and quality are associated with elevated blood pressure, according to researchers with the CARDIA study. They used wrist activity monitors to monitor associations between sleep behaviors and BP among more than 500 adults in their 30s and 40s, finding that shorter sleep duration and poorer sleep maintenance were each associated with increased systolic and diastolic BP. The authors say the sleep-BP link is supported by previous research and “laboratory evidence of increased sympathetic nervous activity as a likely mechanism underlying the increase in BP after sleep loss.”

Areas of the brain active during REM sleep dreaming (pretty amazing – I know some people who use less of their brain while they are awake):


Crazy Apple Store Meltdown Lady Cannot Be Singaporean – She Hates To Queue!

By , July 25, 2013 10:42 pm

Source: Aussie Pete Legacy Blog

The video is very poor quality and short (on loop), but it’s gone viral all thanks to actress, Porscha Coleman.

Crazy Apple Store Freak-Out Lady

Crazy Apple Store Freak-Out Lady

The incident occurred when an unidentified woman entered the Grove Apple store in Los Angeles pushing a stroller and asked for some parts for her phone… a staff member at the Genius Bar advised her that if she didn’t have an appointment she would have to wait.


[youtube iHO72tjJZ7M]

When she was given the bad news, she began screeching at the top of her voice, “I was told by Apple care that I could walk in the store and get the parts!!”.. all the while taking it out on her poor baby by smacking her hand into the pram.

In the video, stunned customers and staff can be seen looking over in absolute bewilderment.

Actress Porscha Coleman captured the video, looped it and posted it online. It has since been shared thousands of times on social networking sites (including also now, my blog).

Porscha captioned the short video: “This lady is goin OFF in the Apple Store! LOL U don’t have an appointment, lady!”

Below is a picture of Porscha – now I’m wondering why it really went viral??

Porscha Coleman

Porscha Coleman

The Apple store at The Grove in Los Angeles was the scene of one woman's meltdown

The Apple store at The Grove in Los Angeles was the scene of one woman's meltdown

One Free Pass To An Afternoon Power Nap!

By , July 16, 2013 12:22 am

As most of my long term readers are well aware, it’s very rare these days that I will take part in campaigns and the like, unless it’s really something that I’m passionate about or will be beneficial to the community at large. This time around, when OMY kindly invited me to take part in the ‘Sealy Sleep Ambassador 2013‘ campaign, I had to re-read the details more than once and very closely to actually believe it.

Really OMY and Sealy – you will give me a brand new Sealy Posturepedic mattress of my choice to take part in a campaign that involves SLEEP??!! My first reaction was one of incredulity – if sleeping isn’t one of my passions (or perhaps desires, beacuse I never get enough), then I’ll give up blogging altogether!

In all seriousness, what attracted me most to participate, was the fact that I am well aware – as I’m sure nearly all of my dear readers are also – that the Sealy brand is synonymous with not only comfort, but also with technologies that offer the needed support for weary old backs such as mine.

The Sealy journey that began back in 1881, boasts number one in market share for the past three decades with their unwavering vision to “help the world sleep better”. It might surprise you to know that Sealy was the first mattress company to display and advertise a king-sized bed; Creating an Orthopedic Advisory Board; Reinventing the innerspring coil and the box spring; Patenting a variety of groundbreaking technologies, including Posture Channels and Pressure Relief Inlays designed to relieve pressure points that cause tossing and turning. 

OK… so I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on mattress technology – but what I can do is take one of these babies for a test run.

Over the next three weeks, along with four other sleep gurus, who happen to be cool bloggers and are a downright nice bunch of people, we will report back to you on our Sealy sleep experience.

Last week, we attended the ‘Sealy Sleep Palace‘ (their Flagship store in Singapore, located at 91 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Place #01-02. Singapore 247918) to try out and select our very own Sealy mattress to have delivered to our home to facilitate the test run.

Although there are a huge range of mattresses from which to select (for all back types and to fit all budgets), the team at Sealy made it easy for us by opening almost all the varieties up to us – so began a couple of hours of doing nothing but lying down. :p

Well – maybe it wasn’t quite that simple a selection – you see, although sleep is important to me (and my wife), having suffered for some years now from nagging back problems as a result of years of physical contact sport when I was younger, we have tried all methods for me to get a decent sleep without waking in the morning where it might take me some time to get the joints mobile again. At my back’s worst (including two slipped disks), I actually tried sleeping on hard wood because the mattress I was using at the time (not a Sealy) was just not cutting it for support and it was really beginning to affect my daily life.

After much consultation with the experts at the Sleep Palace and after trying out many of the different mattresses, I opted for the ‘Royal Higness‘ (that’s me above acting like a Prince at the luxurious flagship store)… medium to firm, that I suspect will offer the support I need to get my bedroom life back in order (keep it clean, folks – we are talking about sleeping here).

When assessing my needs, I had to take into account Sammi’s (my wife) requirements as well – the team asked me if I was a light or heavy sleeper… I answered very honestly – I sleep very little (sometimes as little as just a few hours on weeknights) but when I do drift off I am like a log – almost impossible to wake without a very loud alarm clock. My wife, however, sleeps longer but much lighter. So our choice needed to be accommodating for the two of us. As my dear late Dad often used to say – “Pete is either flat out, or fast asleep”. This continues to be my habit even today.

Of course, I also had to think about the punishment that the boys give our bed almost on a daily basis – one rule of the house very rarely followed is no standing or jumping on furniture. This is easier said than done when you are talking about the naughtiest three and five year old boys in Singapore. Our mattress also needs to be strong and durable.

On Saturday our beautiful thick mattress arrived… we had prepared by removing the old mattress (and wooden plank for my back). The anticipation was immense. When the delivery guys turned up at exactly the specified time agreed, it was just a matter of moments before the mattress was in place and Casey and Jaime began wanting to try out their latest gymnastics moves (*sigh*).

I actually held them in check and they just rolled around a little.


Next came the real ‘acid test’ – how many times can I have an excuse to take an afternoon nap. “It’s all for the Sealy Sleep Ambassador 2013 cause. Don’t blame me… blame Sealy… blame Alvin and Eunice at OMY… it’s all for a great cause”

It worked!! I managed to get a couple of hours shut-eye with Casey as he went down for his nap.

I have much to report from that experience and up until now, some few days later. Watch my blog (and my OMY Star Blog) and also the official Sealy Sleep Ambassador 2013 website to find out how it goes – not just from my experiences but those of the other four sleep gurus who also get to share in such an arduous task of sleeping.

Make sure you visit the official website for the campaign – by voting for the 2013 Sleep Ambassador you can share in some great prizes.

Who’s got the best job in the world?? Alvin from OMY!!: 

We were even provided with a couple of new pillows and mattress protector:


Source: Aussie Pete

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