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KATE SOMERVILLE Dermal Quench Liquid Lift™ Advanced Wrinkle Treatment

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This at-home version of Kate Somerville’s most sought-after facial treatment produces results so amazing, people may even think that you’ve had work done. With a potent combination of wrinkle-relaxing perfluorocarbons (PFCs), hyaluronic acid, oxygen, and antioxidants, this antiager reduces the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles for skin that looks smoother, tighter, and firmer. The nozzle is super easy to use: after a few uses, you won’t know how you ever functioned without pressurized delivery. A scientific breakthrough, this patent-pending delivery system produces immediate and long-term results. DermalQuench Liquid Lift infuses the skin with three powerful ingredients in the advanced hydrafill complex. Wrinkle-relaxing PFC-oxygen carriers draw and lock in oxygen with an oxygen magnet and relax facial muscles to dramatically smooth and soften. Deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid provides fast-penetrating, long-lasting moisture to improve the look of elasticity, firmness, and texture of skin. Radiance-boosting botanical extracts instantly create a healthy-looking glow to reveal a more youthful complexion. A boost of oxygen for your skin, this oil-free instant lift treatment plumps, firms, and fills your skin. You can find Kate Somerville’s products in Singapore Sephora.

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Guerlain Kisskiss Liplift Smoothing Lipstick Primer

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This Liplift Smoothing Lipstick Primer is a must for girls who wear makeup! The indispensable accompaniment to lipstick, the KissKiss Liplift smoothing base in stick form redefines contours, smoothes and prepares the lips with very long-lasting make-up. With its creamy, rich and supple texture and neutral translucent shade, it preserves and enhances the colour of lipstick.

Lips are smooth and silky soft. Their contour is more defined. Lipstick is easy to apply. It offers lasting hold for guaranteed high-fidelity make-up without feathering.

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Anna Sui’s Autumn 2014 Collection

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Anna Sui Loose Powder Foundation

An abundance of ultra-fine Airy Powder allows this foundation to glide over skin like air for a light finish. Airy Powder also has a soft-focus effect. Combined with Anna Sui’s universal base makeup ingredient, Trick Powder, it leaves pores covered, lines softened, and bumps smoothed out for a porcelain finish. Additionally, the plate-like particles of Moisture Plate Powder & Sliding Powder create a thin, even veil over skin for a naturally glowing finish. Beside the Moisture Plate Powder, which consists of particles that have been coated with extremely moisturizing ingredients, leaves skin ultra-hydrated. Additionally, phospholipid-treated Cover Powder avoids the common pitfall of UV-blocking powders (dry & powdery) by coating each particle with oil. This results in a can’t-believe-it’s-powder moisturizing finish that sinks in like a second skin. Formulated with powders that have been coated with highly skin-compatible ingredients, this foundation fits skin like a glove and yields a long-lasting beautiful finish. Additionally, sebum-absorbing powder keeps sweat and oil at bay for a fresh, shine-free look. Available in 7 shades with SPF 20 PA++ and price at S$70.

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Anna Sui Lipstick V

With ROSA CANINA FRUIT EXTRACT, SAFFLOWER FLOWER EXTRACT and ROSA CANINA FRUIT OIL, Lipstick V is Anna Sui’s most vivid and pigmented lip product yet. Its highly transparent base formula ensures pigments show up true and unclouded. The Light Glossy Oil provides lips with a shiny, bouncy finish. An abundance of Melting Moist Oil, which melts at body temperature, ensures a meltingly smooth application on contact. Fix Oil creates a close and comfortable fit while Melting. Moist Oil traps in moisture to prevent dryness. The end result is ultra-hydrated, plumped lips with vivid color that looks freshly-applied all day long. Available in 10 shades and price at S$40.

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Anna Sui Lipstick M

With ROSA CANINA FRUIT EXTRACT, SAFFLOWER FLOWER EXTRACT and ROSA CANINA FRUIT OIL, the two shades swirl with sheer and beautiful pigments fuse together to create a perfectly nuanced shade. Each application has a slightly different combination of color and shimmer so that lips appear enchantingly different each time. Easy-gliding Clear Sliding Powder and Melting Oil have been combined for a meltingly smooth application with a light touch. Additionally, Fix Oil smoothes out lip lines while Melting Oil provides a hydrating shine so lips are left beautifully lustrous. Fix Oil creates a close and comfortable fit while Moist Oil traps in moisture to prevent dryness. The end result is ultra-hydrated, plumped lips with vivid color that looks freshly-applied all day long. Available in 3 shades and price at S$40.

※Current Anna Sui Lipstick (22 shades) will be discontinued at time of launch.

Anna Sui’s Autumn 2014 Collection will be launch in Sep 2014.

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Guerlain Super Aqua Serum BB Hydra+ Beauty Balm

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Long-lasting hydration and a beautiful tint in one step with the Guerlain Super Aqua Serum BB Hydra+ Beauty Balm, a powerful age-defying makeup hybrid.

Designed for those with dehydrated skin who wish to restore a youthful glow, this BB cream utilises the infamous Aquacomplex of Guerlain’s Super Aqua Serum, which purifies cellular water and improves its circulation throughout the layers of the skin.

With its delicate coverage and ultra light texture, this luxurious beauty balm perfects the complexion with a radiant glow, while its luxurious formulation sets to work on smoothing out wrinkles, plumping skin with 12 hour hydration, and protecting skin from prematurely aging UV rays with SPF25.

Available in two shades: 01 Light, a neutral hue for paler tones and 02 Medium, a warmer shade.

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Super Aqua serum and cream from Guerlain

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Truly healthy skin begins and ends with moisture. The new Aqua Complex in Guerlain’s Super Aqua Serum acts as a doubly protective shield: It reinforces the skin’s internal barrier, increasing its reserves of moisture to support cells’ natural resistance to time and external factors. Meanwhile it protects against external aggressors for a more plumped, healthy-looking complexion. The New Aqua Complex also has created Super Aqua Creme featuring Aquacomplex, the perfect day/night duo to complement Super Aqua Serum. Skin lacking comfort will choose the luscious and gentle Day Cream, enriched in a shea extract with exceptional nourishing and multi-protection properties. This is a lightweight gel-cream enriched in a multi-protective soothing white pine extract suitable for normal to combination skin type.There’s also a Night Balm which takes advantage of this nocturnal cellular activity to help the skin to replenish itself and recover from the damage caused by assaults and oxidative stress during the day. Enriched in a peach leaf extract with antioxidant and restorative properties.

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NARS Eye Paint “Black Valley”

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Loving this”Black Valley” Eye Paint from NARS! I use it as gel eyeliner, especially great when I’m doing dark smoky eyes! Is super lasting even for people who have watery eyes and it stay well through out! Rich, hyper-saturated shades that glide smoothly and dry down quickly!

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For the NARS Summer 2014 Collection campaign image, Founder and Creative Director François Nars chose to photograph of-the-moment model Toni Garrn, as a cosmopolitan bathing beauty with glowing skin and bold pops of color accenting her lids and lips. The campaign image is reminiscent of Helmut Newton’s iconic Monaco swimming pool photographs.

Sleek bikinis, towering stilettos – a cosmopolitan catwalk. Dive into this sexy poolside setting with the NARS Summer 2014 Collection – powerfully provocative and daring.

Eyes pop with perfectly synchronized eyeshadows including neon lemon lime and icy lavender while smoky rose quartz and bronze add depth and definition. Feel the heat with a soft and sultry peach champagne for cheeks and a bold geranium for nails.


TROPICAL PRINCESS DUO EYESHADOW, S$50 – Neon lemon lime and Icy lavender

LOST COAST DUO EYESHADOW, S$50 – Golden pewter and Lilac snow

MALACCA SINGLE EYESHADOW, S$38 – Iridescent peacock



HOT SAND ILLUMINATOR, S$45 – Peach champagne



ORGASM LIP GLOSS, S$37 – Peachy pink with shimmer

WONDER LIP GLOSS, S$37 – Sheer mandarin orange with pink and gold shimmer

SALAMANCA LIP GLOSS, S$37 – Pink flamingo

PRISCILLA LIP GLOSS, S$37 – Shocking pink


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Dior’s summer 2014 makeup collection – Transatlantique

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5 Couleurs Transat Edition – 564 Sundeck and 344 Atlantique

Diorshow Mono Transat Edition – 541 Pavillion and 261 Cabine (navy)

Diorshow Art Pen Bleu Croisière

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Waterproof – Cruise blue and Over black


Diorskin Nude Tan Transat Edition

Diorskin Nude Tan Prime and Bronze Matt Skin

Diorskin Nude Tan Prime and Bronze Light Skin

Diorskin Nude Shimmer – Pink and Amber


Dior Addict Gloss – 642 Seafarer and 412 Offshore

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Fresh Pink

Dior Addict Lipstick – 651 Mayday, 211 Sunlight, 571 Windrose and 611 Cruise


Manucure Transat – 210 Yacht, 700 Sailor and 750 Captain

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Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Swirl compact SPF 30 PA++

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NEW Moisture Surge CC Cream Swirl Compact SPF 30 /PA++,

Clinique’s newest skin care product developed specifically for Asian

skins is perfect for achieving a fresh, radiant appearance in a convenient,

portable compact.

An alternative form choice to the original Moisture Surge CC Cream

SPF 30/PA+++, offers the same benefits to create a natural, immediate glow.


• Enhances skin’s complexion by improving texture and balancing skin tone

• Three skin-perfecting “smart swirls”, each with a colour-correcting function

o A swirl of glow white helps brighten skin

o A swirl of fresh pink helps correct dull, tired-looking skin

o A swirl of fresh peach helps correct sallow, unhealthy skin

• Provides an immediate moisture boost

• Conceals imperfections for a natural, healthy, flawless look

• SPF 30/PA++ protects skin from UV damage

• Instantly leaves instantly skin more supple, luminous, smooth and soft

• Moderate coverage

• Soft feel with a lightweight texture/easy application

• Natural radiant finish

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Swirl compact will be out in June2014 at all Clinique counter.

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Gold Lift W Roller from Dr. Ci:Labo

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Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 7.45.34 AM

Dr. Ci:Labo, Japan’s pioneer of medical cosmetics, had released a new facial massager, Gold Lift W Roller in Singapore. It is designed to detox, improve blood circulation, reduce skin sagginess and firm up skin.

Gold Lift W Roller features 36 balls made of 99.999% pure Germanium. Germanium is effective in stimulating skin to improve blood circulation, assisting to remove build-ups and toxins in the body. It also stimulates facial muscles to help tighten and lift up. The massager improves skin’s self-healing ability to minimize visible signs of aging.

Our current urban lifestyle exposes the human body to harmful positive ions generated from mobile phones, computers, electronic and electrical equipment, chemicals, acid rain and ultraviolet rays. Hence, the negative-charge ion from Germanium will help in blood purification and balancing the positive and negative ions within the body. This also achieves muscle relieving effects as well as reducing fatigue and tiredness.

The metabolism of the human cell is an extremely important process as it purges waste out of the body while acquiring nutrients from the blood. With more negative ions in the body, the body’s metabolism process also increases in its efficiency.

Conversely, with more positive ions in the body’s metabolism becomes less efficient and slower. Thus the human cells become weak and the body is more susceptible to sickness and the ageing process becomes accelerated. This can be further explained by the reduced oxygen carrying capacity of the blood cells.

Benefits of Germanium

While scientific research has not been conclusive, some people are said to have experienced the various benefits:

 Strengthens one’s immune system.

 Increases blood circulation

 Raises oxygen levels

 Speeds up metabolism of body cells

 Regulates positive and negative ions within the body

 Removes harmful toxins

 Relieves joint and muscle pain

 Alleviates physical stress, stiffness, cramps or discomfort

 Controls swelling

 Reduces water retention

 Relieves fatigue and tiredness

 Promotes quality sleep

 Slows down aging

 Increases and maintains body warmth

 Counteract harmful positive ions generated by electrical and electronic appliances (e.g. mobile phones, computers, televisions) and industrial wastes

The V-Shaped roller fit perfectly along face line, around eyes, cheeks and neckline to provide the soothing feel and the effect similar to professional facial massage. Gold Lift W Roller is also perfect to massage body parts for areas like under arm, back of thighs and along waistline.

Gold Lift W Roller is small enough to take when traveling, and it is a quick and easy way to relax after a long trip or in the morning before starting the day.

How to Use

Before using Gold Lift W Roller, be sure to fully moisturize skin with gel or cream, such as Aqua-Collagen-Gel Enrich Lift EX. Use the roller in upward motion for face.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 7.57.45 AM

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 7.58.10 AM

Now you can get this Gold Lift-Up W Roller at Dr. Ci:Labo #B3-41 ION Orchard. Retail price at S$59.00

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