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Movie Review: 돈의 맛 The Taste of Money (2012)

By alvinology, July 31, 2012 8:47 am
The Taste of Money (2012)
The Taste of Money (2012)

The Taste of Money (돈의 맛) is a 2012 South Korean erotic suspense film about a conglomerate-owning family (chaebol). It triggered controversy and hype with its portrayal of the lives of the privileged in Korean society, exploring themes of sex and money, greed and ambition.

The film is acclaimed Korean director, Im Sang-soo’s seventh film. He has twice been invited to compete for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, with The Housemaid in 2010 and now, The Taste of Money in 2012.

Im calls The Taste of Money, ”an extension of The Housemaid. You can say that it’s the story of the children of The Housemaid who’ve grown up.” It is his exploration of the world outside the household portrayed in that movie — “What Hoon does outside the home, what kind of parents he has, an expansion of the scope of The Housemaid.”

I have watched The Housemaid in 2010 and enjoyed it very much. It’s an outright adult film, from the theme of power and corruption to the many sex and erotic scenes. I was really looking forward to catching the extension film and be shocked once again by the scanting portrayal of Korea’s chaebol families.

The Taste of Money delivers in this respect, as an entertaining, adult-themed film, but was not markably different from Im’s previous film to create a lasting impact.

The scene of the young, muscular male lead getting “raped” by the matriarch of the chaebol was pretty haunting though:

Young man and old woman
Young man and old woman

While The Taste of Money made many references to Im’s previous film, it can be watched as a stand-alone, without having seen The Housemaid.

I like it, just like how I enjoy watching adult-themed TV series like Dexter and The Sopranos. Sometimes, movies get tamed and toned down too much to achieve a more audience-friendly rating to sell more tickets.

If you are above 21, do go catch The Taste of Money when it is showing here! The film is rated R21 (not surprising given the adult theme and many nude scenes) and will be showing in Singapore from 2 August 2012 (next Thurs).



In a luxurious house outside Seoul lives one of the country’s richest families: company president Yoon (Baek Yoon-sik), his wife Baek Geum-ok (Yoon Yeo-jeong), their divorced daughter Nami (Kim Hyo-jin) and son Chul (On Joo-wan).

Yoon is company president but the reins of power are held by Geum-ok, whose aged father (Kwon Byung-gil) was once a powerful businessman and whom Yoon married for her money and influence. Yoon’s private secretary is Joo Young-jak (Kim Kang-woo), from humble origins, who follows his master’s bidding while looking for the right opportunity to capitalize on his position. His current job is making sure a US businessman, Robert Altman (Darcy Paquet), is kept happy with hookers, as part of a major business deal that could prove crucial to the family’s fortunes.

Geum-ok despises her husband’s obsession with money, and when she sees him having an affair with their Filipina maid, Eva (Maui Taylor), on her hidden CCTV, she beds Young-jak in revenge. When Chul is arrested for organizing a slush fund for Altman, Geum-ok decides to further punish her husband for his “mistake” in bringing the family’s name into public disrepute. Sidelined by the family, Young-jak turns for help to Na-mi, who seems to be the only level-headed member.

Korean R21 Movie, The Housemaid (下女), 2010

By alvinology, November 17, 2010 4:32 pm

It has been a long while since I watched a R21 movie in the cinema. Erotic thriller, The Housemaid (下女), 2010, was a refreshing change from the staple of mainstream, family fares I have been watching lately.

This Korean movie is a remake of the 1960 Korean classic of the same title. The original has been described in as a “consensus pick as one of the top three Korean films of all time”.

I have not seen the original, but I am drawn to watch it now that I have watched the 2010 remake by director Im Sang-soo.

The 2010 remake stars Cannes best actress, Jeon Do-yeon as a sexually charged housemaid who brings tension to a twisted upper class, elite Korean family when she engaged in illicit sex with the family patriarch.

Movie Synopsis:

The family patriarch and matriarch; the housemaid and the little missus

The family patriarch and matriarch; the housemaid and the little missus

Eun-yi (Do-yeon Jeon), a middle-aged divorcee, is hired as an upper class family housemaid. But soon enough, master of the house Hoon (Jung-Jae Lee) takes advantage of his social position by slipping into her sheets. Hoon’s visits become frequent and Byung-sik (Yeo-jeong Yoon), an old housemaid, reports the affair to Hae-ra’s mother Mi-hee (Ji-Young Park), who plots to give Hae-ra (Seo Woo) the control over her husband. Soon Eun-yi miraculously becomes pregnant and wants to keep the baby. This is discovered by the family and she’s forced to have an abortion by Mi-hee despite Eun-yi’s plea to let her keep the baby and leave the house. Mi-hee’s plot backfires when Hoon scrutinizes her for terminating his child, even if that child is conceived illegitimately. Her forced abortion turns Eun-yi’s mental condition for the worst and she decides to take the matter into her own hands.

Movie Trailer:

I enjoyed the movie. The story was a little slow moving at some point, but Jeon Do-yeon’s superb acting pulls everything along. She is a delight onscreen and captured the subtle nuances of sexual tensions between her housemaid character and her boss.

The 2010 plot seems to have an underlying theme of the helplessness ordinary Korean folks feel towards the mega-rich, chaebol-related elite classes. Projected on the global arena, it can also relate to the world’s poorest, pitched against the mega-rich class who control most of the world’s assets and seems to be able to act at will to get anything they want (remember Lehman Brothers and the greedy, rich bankers who almost collapsed the world economy not long ago?).

Various scenes of heavy sexual tensions from the movie

Various scenes of heavy sexual tensions from the movie

Taken at face value, the movie is still an enjoyable erotic thriller, filled with sexual tensions and tragic violence.

The Housemaid (下女) is now showing in Singapore cinemas and is rated R21.

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