Vietnamese Mail Order Bride (Singapore)

By alvinology, March 28, 2009 11:05 pm

Will you pay S$10,000 to pay one of them?
Will you pay S$10,000 to pay one of them?

Via an Al Jazeera documentary posted on youtube. The video below makes me sad. Both for the Vietnamese girls selling away their lives and the fact that more and more Singaporean men are resorting to “buying” their brides from poorer Asian countries.

The male to female ratio in Singapore is equal. Why are there not enough Singaporean women to go around? Are more Singaporean women marrying foreigners or choosing to remain single for live?

In the video, a Vietnamese bride can be “purchased” on-the-spot for S$10,000. The girl on the right was only 18-years-old when she was sold to a 35 year-old Singaporean man who went to the matchmaking agency to choose his bride together with his mom.

What’s even more humiliating, the girls were made to visit a clinic in Singapore to get a certificate verifying their virginity before they can be sold.

While both the Vietnamese girls and the Singaporean men who entered into such marriages are willing adults, I wonder how many of such couples end up truly happy.

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8 Responses to “Vietnamese Mail Order Bride (Singapore)”

  1. hoho says:

    Singlish got subtitle leh..

  2. hoey says:

    the video did not mention whether the girl having ROM with the man before staying together. isn’t it like paying for a virgin prostitute? any protection to the girl? what if the man abandon her after they have had sex prior to marriage? the girl will lose all since no more man would like to marry her. is this legal?

  3. Ocean says:

    what a ridiculous rule !
    Are they (Men) also keep their virginity??

  4. ken says:

    stupid fucks paid 10k thinking he really got a virgin? hymen restoration is a common procedure employed by prostitutes to make more money to fool stupid bastards. such surgery is commonly done in vietname and costs less then SGD2000

  5. Professional matchmaker says:

    Ha because Singaporean man are not cool, they only know how to write rubbish, Singapore girl are highly education, they don’t want you, they want Ang Mo. (cool, professional, people don’t anyhow write.
    your comments are rubbish

  6. Professional matchmaker says:

    This is buying service not buying bride, you cannot buy human, is illegal you know. I don’t know why you all like to say “purchased bride” you think buy a “pet” back home oh no my god. Human cannot “buy” please don’t misleading the small children.

  7. Professional matchmaker says:

    If you don’t know what is virginity pls don’t write rubbish here. ok. Don’t tell me you like loose girl if given a choice? A girl can keep their virginity until 18 years old is definately not a bad girl.

  8. Professional matchmaker says:

    In Vietnam old man from foreign country like to fuck virgin girl, they pay US2,000 to the girl and the girl let the old man sleep for 1 night.
    so do you think virginity is important? It may not happen in Singapore but it happen is third world country .

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