Man jacks off in MRT train cabin?

By alvinology, January 29, 2009 9:33 am
Errr... the third image a bit wrong
Errr… the third image a bit wrong

All photos via EDMW. If this is real, it’s really sick… apparently, there’s a video circulating on the Internet of a guy jacking off in a MRT train cabin, sitting on the “Priority Seat”.

Actually, I was wondering about the guy who took the video as well. Isn’t the natural reaction to call the police or the station manager when you witness a pervert taking off his pants to jack off in front of you? Unless the videographer was related to the pervert in the first place yeah? :p

I really need to... thats why I am sitting in the priority seat.
“I really need to… that’s why I am sitting in the priority seat.”
... ....
… …….. …… …… speechless …. ……. …….

Our police were swift in arresting a couple who were caught strolling naked along Holland Village during the Chinese New Year period. I wonder if they have already arrested this guy too since the gravity of his indecent exposure is much more severe than the exhibitionist couple.

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15 Responses to “Man jacks off in MRT train cabin?”

  1. wonderfuu says:

    omg!! he cummed!! anyway his face in the first pic is not censored leh…

  2. alvinology says:

    maybe it’s his mucus?

  3. Cloudywind says:

    wat’s wrong wif ppl these days?!?!?

    luckily i drive…

  4. KH says:

    Holy crap. I’m not going to take that seat in ANY cabins anymore!!!!

  5. MageProKIA says:

    woah this guy really siao one!

  6. Ninja Kakashi says:

    WTFF?! Seriously man, if I see this asshole in the train trying to attempt that, I will not hesitate to give him a jumping backthrust in his groin.. See if he can do it or not.. Wah lao.. Ok la you might get dumped or depressed or maybe just having an itchy genital, but no need do in the public right.. Damn uncivilised man.. Whas the diff between him and an animal then? Anywhere, anytime also can.. zzzzzzzzz

    He should learn to bang a cow if he’s really desperate.. Might be proud to get an offspring which is a sagitarrius… -_-”

  7. Homophobic says:

    WOW…..I have watched this video.
    So DARING………
    KEEP UP with the good WANKING boy.
    Please post MORE…..

  8. sukor says:

    this guy to be handed to the police for indecent exposure

  9. Steve says:

    bang a Pig and he will prob. discontinue any indecent exposure..

  10. kazuki says:

    hey were can i see the video ? i would like to see

  11. MeOw says:

    After viewing through both the HDB nude sex postings and this MRT jacking off Posting, i notice that both persons in these two posting looks similar. I got a feeling that both characters are actually the same person.

    Moreover this guy looks familiar…

  12. Lee says:

    Can send me the uncensored version.

  13. hahaha says:

    i want to see the video! lol

  14. Donald says:

    Woah, real Sex Education in Singapore, how to masturbate for guy?

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