Singapore nude model, Daphne Ang

By alvinology, January 15, 2009 11:06 am
Daphne Ang
Daphne Ang

Update: More shocking revelations and photos of Daphne Ang has surfaced online – including a series of BDSM/lesbian nude photos. Read more about it HERE. 
I was rather surprised to see this girl’s picture on the headline of evening tabloid, Lianhe Wanbao today.

Her nude photos have been floating around the Internet a few years back and I vaguely recall she used to blog on xanga and is into body art like tatttoo and piercings.

Gathering from various web sources, her name is Daphne Ang Ming Li and used to study at Victoria Junior College (VJC). She has also done some modeling for Singapore FHM magazine before.

The nude photos are taken in for an Australian erotic art magazine. If my memory did not fail me; there were actually quite a few series beening circulated previously other than just the current two kimono and beach ones that are circulating now.

In any case, I did not find her photos particularly objectionable as they were more on the artsy side rather than pornography as how the evening paper paints it out to be.

Daphne sure has a very flexible body though. Check out the awkward angles she can twist her body into:

leg stretching exercise
leg stretching exercise
auditioning for the HL Milk TVC
auditioning for the HL Milk TVC

She probably had some gymnastic or professional yoga training of sort in her  youth.

Singaporean girls are getting more comfortable with exposing their bodies these days – whether intentional (like in the case of Daphne; micro-bikini teacher/model Gwen Teng; public exhibitionist Sun Tan) or unintentional (think Tammy from NYP and FHM Girl Next Door winner, Adeline Teo).

Heck, even the guys are getting into it (Click HERE and HERE).

Values are changing I guess. With casinos currently being built in Singapore, I won’t be surprise come one day when pornography will actually become legalised. Tongue-in-cheek: perhaps the first legalised Singapore pornograhy company will even be owned by NTUC which seems to have it’s tentacles in every aspect of businesses. NTUC Erotica anyone?

It won’t be such a bad thing if you seriously think about it. A lot of these girls are having their photos and videos uploaded online for free viewership anyway – whether intentional or unintentional. Shouldn’t they at least be able to get some income or loyalty fees for their “work”? :)

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