NTUC FairPrice’s “Halal Pork” scandal

By , November 26, 2007 6:01 am

halal pork
Picture taken from eddyra.net

As reported on Straits Times:

NTUC FairPrice has lodged a police report after it found a picture of ‘halal pork’ allegedly sold by the supermarket chain making the rounds on the Internet (picture above).

The photo shows a packet of FairPrice’s Pasar brand pork bearing a green ‘halal’ sticker.

This sticker can be carried only on foods that are permissible according to Islamic law. Pork is considered ‘haram’ or ‘forbidden’ in Islam.

A FairPrice spokesman said: ‘We regard this case as a deliberate and wilful act of mischief and will not hesitate to take all necessary steps to ensure that such an act is halted immediately with no repetition thereafter.’

The supermarket chain declined to comment further as investigations are ongoing.

The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis), on being alerted to the photo, carried out its own checks at eight FairPrice outlets. It found that none of the specified items bore the Muis halal certification mark.

A Muis spokesman said: ‘We treat the case of the Muis halal certification mark on the packaging containing pork very seriously as the halal mark has been abused.’

He added that under the Administration of Muslim Law Act (AMLA), an abuser of the Muis halal certification mark is liable to a fine not exceeding $10,000 or to a jail term not exceeding 12 months, or both.

This means the perpetrator is culpable even if the mark is a sticker, a fake or was digitally added.

The photo sparked reactions from both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Said teacher Nurdianna Malik, 25: ‘Pork is a big taboo in Islam. This ‘joke’ is really insensitive. The Government has tried so hard to promote religious harmony and pranks like this make me sad because they detract strongly from such harmony.’

I am rather amazed there are actually Singaporeans who believe there can really be halal pork… is this religious ignorance? Or simply pure apathy to our communities?

In any case, the whole incidence has been blown quite out of proportion. I guess this is the power of the Internet. News, gossips and hearsays are able to spread like wildfire in a very short period.

8 Responses to “NTUC FairPrice’s “Halal Pork” scandal”

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  2. Allar says:

    Pork is good food. Delicious tasty and should be eaten by all.

  3. pork porker poh says:

    I love satay babie..mmmmmm great taste in a life time..filipinos eat porks as in a ritual manner…

  4. Pokai Pokka Pot says:

    My grandpa didnt smoke but had plenty of porky stuffs regularly and yet he died at age 98 while his smoking friends got many wives and died before turning 75..hehe..wonder of piggy might!

  5. Christian says:

    This joke is funny, But associating not eating pork with islam so stupid. Long before Islam Christianity had “Food Code” with absolute logic and understanding. So meat of pig and the scavengers considered Biblically unclean which has great reason as many diseases come from Pork and biblically unclean food as modern science clearly proven the facts.
    When you ask Muslims real reason of not eating pork their answer is because pig is cursed animal by God which is really has no ground and not true. God never curse any animal. But set rules to make our lives better. If you eat pork thats fine but dont give stupid comments
    that makes you absolute moron

  6. buden alfonso says:

    eating pork has been clearly stated in the holy quran as haram for uslims and thus the muslim community is clearly aware of this issue. for the pork eaters…theres no issue on this as their religion does not forbid them to eat pork. as for muslims…you should know better.. its just a shame that this kind of issue is taken as a joke by small group of people who is insensitive to others religous view. let us live in harmony together as the world is created for everybody and we should respect each other religious point of view. if you dont eat it…that doesnt mean that other people have to do the same…and if you do eat pork…it doesnt mean that others should do the same…its what you can and cannot do and what is your religous view that defines who you are…

  7. technology says:

    anyway, in times to come, Stem cell or cloning etc may make another type of pig halal.
    so then all meat is ok to all religions.

  8. Ashfaq says:

    Same happened in Mauritius island, I made an article on it .. please check it out.. and give your opinions.. http://ashfaqblog.blogspot.com/2012/04/halal-pork-at-jumbo-beware-of-what-you.html

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